How to Achieve a Goal

I love to set goals.  Problem is, I lose motivation quickly.  I started this blog to write about topics I am interested in learning more about and sharing with others in the hopes to connect with like-minded people.  I started strong, but a vacation and a sickness got me out of my routine. And then the slacker voice in my head came on strong. “Take another day off,” it said.  “You are never going to stay focused so why even start?” it said. I listened for a few days. Then, I had a bright idea to do my next blog post on how to achieve a goal.  How do successful people keep from wimping out? I have researched and found my favorite tools for achieving a goal. Some involve planning from the start. Others, are routine oriented so that motivation and focus are not lost after the initial excitement.  All are easy enough to implement.

  1.  Take time to access your goal.  Why is it important? How will it enhance your life?  Set goals that motivate and excite you. A goal should make you feel positive when you think about it.  Steve Pavlina says, “Treat goal setting as a way to enhance your present reality, not as a way to control the future.”  
  2. Set a clear and concise goal.  Be detailed. Give specific details and write it all down.  Decide how you will make time to accomplish it. Schedule it on your calendar.  
  3. Fully commit to your goal.  You have to be willing to give your goal the attention needed to succeed.  Decide what you are willing to let go of to reach your goal. Less TV time?  A reprieve from social media? Make the goal mandatory. To fully commit to your goal becoming a reality, you must relinquish the thought of it as a distant fantasy.  Which leads to….
  4. Visualize achieving your goal every day.  Imagine how it will feel. Imagine how your life would be different.  Imagine it as if it is true today. Make a vision board if applicable.  Find the positive vibes behind achieving your goal.
  5. Break up your goal into smaller goals.  Plan steps that need to be done to get to the bigger goal.  Write it down. Plan every day in advance and have a list of small steps to accomplish.  Check them off when done. (Check marks are the ultimate sign of achievement….at least that is what Monica from Friends would say.)
  6. Do the next right thing.  Just do something in the direction of your goal.  Keep going. Let me quote Steve Pavlina once more, “You are either moving towards your goals or you’re moving away from them.”  Doing nothing puts you farther away. Any small step is moving in the right direction.

Goals are important because they set the intention for what you want out of life.  They give you hope, excitement, and fulfillment. Decide on what your next goal will be and fully commit to it.  Get excited about it. Just do it. Don’t wait another day. “In a moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” (Teddy Roosevelt)  Make the decision to start working toward your goals today. Start the process of creating the life you want and deserve. Work on it one day at a time. Work hard, but most importantly just keep going. Your dreams are worth pursuing and you deserve to have them come true.

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